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Best Lab

The testing labs and manpower are equiped with worldclass equipment and manpower at the heighest qualification and competence..

Best Trainers and Experts

SKILLEDGE POINT has the best staff of trainers and experts who are qualified and have academic and professional training and experts in relevant fields.

We bring the best or nothing !

We bring the best or nothing! For the past 25 years, we have served customers around the world, designing, building, inspecting, supporting, marketing and operating onshore and offshore, construction, equipment and other resources, and to train their supporters. We combine our advanced engineering skills with our project management skills, extensive supply network and logistics knowledge to design and execute complex, large-scale EPC projects, design, build, commission and deliver. A "better company" knows how to value its employees.

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About us

We are associated with Indian & international technical universities, business and industrial firms, and also with Engineering/diploma graduates & groups who are interested or involved in Technical education and training worldwide. SKILLEDGE POINT is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of high-quality Technical education and training throughout the world.
SKILLEDGE POINT is working to create a new era in the field of Engineering & Technical Education across the globe. Our Members include Experienced ore Engineers, researchers & trainers from Technical Field. SKILLEDGE POINT education and training is aimed to develop human resources for Core Industries.

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